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It seemed as if the Earth's surface were spreading out in front of me, like a hemisphere that suddenly splits apart in the middle, spewing out an enormous jet of water, so powerful that it touched the sky and shook the earth". [37], Olympia premiered for Hitler's 49th birthday in 1938. [29] The motion picture was generally recognized as an epic, innovative work of propaganda filmmaking. Helene Bertha Amalie "Leni" Riefenstahl (German: [ˈleː.niː ˈʁiː.fn̩.ʃtaːl] (listen); 22 August 1902 – 8 September 2003) was a German film director, photographer, and actress, known for her seminal role in producing Nazi propaganda.[1][2][3]. [13], Riefenstahl attended dancing academies and became well known for her self-styled interpretive dancing skills, traveling across Europe with Max Reinhardt in a show funded by Jewish producer Harry Sokal. She is described as fitting in with Hitler's ideal of Aryan womanhood, a feature he had noted when he saw her starring performance in Das Blaue Licht. [18] By later accounts, Goebbels thought highly of Riefenstahl's filmmaking but was angered with what he saw as her overspending on the Nazi-provided filmmaking budgets. [53] Riefenstahl apologized and said, "I regret that Sinti and Roma [people] had to suffer during the period of National Socialism. Nazism courted the masses by the means of slogans that were aimed directly at the instincts and emotions of the people. Right. [25] Riefenstahl received private funding for the production of Tiefland, but the filming in Spain was derailed and the project was cancelled. [18] In the film, Riefenstahl played an innocent peasant girl who is hated by the villagers because they think she is diabolic and cast out. ", "Gypsies' Fate Gaunts Film Muse of Hitler", "Pro-Nazi Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, 101, Dies", "The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl", "Olympia in America, 1938: Leni Riefenstahl, Hollywood, and the Kristallnacht", "Her Films Glorified Hitler now Leni Riefenstahl's Story Hits the Screen", "Hitler's Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl Celebrates 101st Birthday", "Steven Soderbergh Reveals He Dropped A Leni Riefenstahl Biopic To Do 'Contagion' Instead", "Art of Justice: The Filmmakers at Nuremberg", "Leni Riefenstahl: The Casualty of Triumph", "Leni: The Life and Work of Leni Riefenstahl, by Steven Bach", "Lonesome Leni: Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl", "Leni Riefenstahl, Film Innovator Tied to Hitler, Dies at 101", "What They Said About... 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The personalities and spectres of Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin loom large in the events of the twentieth Century. The Ministry's aim was to ensure that the Nazi message was successfully communicated through art, music, theater, films, books, radio, educational materials, and the press.There were several audiences for Nazi propaganda. [9] Without her father's knowledge, she enrolled Riefenstahl in dance and ballet classes at the Grimm-Reiter Dance School in Berlin, where she quickly became a star pupil. She put her cameramen on train tracks and had them moving back and forth. [47] Riefenstahl was friends with Hitler for 12 years. Riefenstahl's cinematic framing of the flags encapsulated its iconography. Then you realize all you're seeing is glory, beauty and triumph, and you don't see the darker side. [9] Lavish sets made these shots some of the most costly of the film. Riefenstahl became one of the few women in Germany to direct a film during the Weimar Period[4] when, in 1932, she decided to try directing with her own film, Das Blaue Licht ("The Blue Light"). And she delivered. Even when the carriers are not mostly submerged under the sea of colored cloth, and when facial features are visible in profile, they attain neither character nor distinctiveness. [82], Film critic Hal Erickson of The New York Times states that the "Jewish Question" is mainly unmentioned in Triumph des Willens; "filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl prefers to concentrate on cheering crowds, precision marching, military bands, and Hitler's climactic speech, all orchestrated, choreographed and illuminated on a scale that makes Griffith and DeMille look like poverty-row directors". After seeing a promotional poster for the 1924 film Mountain of Destiny, she was inspired to move into acting and between 1925 and 1929 starred in five successful motion pictures. [40] When news of the event reached the United States,[40] Riefenstahl publicly defended Hitler. [25] (When Tiefland was eventually shot, between 1940 and 1944, it was done in black and white, and was the third most expensive film produced during the Third Reich. [89], In 1998 Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein released a cover of the Depeche Mode song "Stripped", accompanied by a video incorporating footage from Olympia. [62] Throughout 1945 to 1948, she was held by various Allied-controlled prison camps across Germany. [9], The last time Riefenstahl saw Hitler was when she married Peter Jacob on 21 March 1944. [18] Nevertheless, by 5 October 1939, Riefenstahl was back in occupied Poland filming Hitler's victory parade in Warsaw. Riefenstahl is one of the protagonists of the story "Parachute" from the collection Even This Wildest Hope (2019) by Seyward Goodhand. [9] After waking up from a coma in a Nairobi hospital, she finished writing the script, but was soon thoroughly thwarted by uncooperative locals, the Suez Canal crisis and bad weather. But she could never escape the controversy, could she? [44][18] On 12 September, she was in the town of Końskie when 30 civilians were executed in retaliation for an alleged attack on German soldiers. Traudl Junge, the final secretary for Adolf Hitler, tells of the Nazi dictator's final days in his Berlin bunker at the end of WWII. [72] In her 90s, Riefenstahl was still photographing marine life and gained the distinction of being one of the world's oldest scuba divers. Riefenstahl relies heavily for her transitions on portentous cutaways to clouds, mist, statuary, foliage, and rooftops. [19] He saw talent in Riefenstahl and arranged a meeting. [31] Like Der Sieg des Glaubens and Triumph des Willens, this was filmed at the annual Nazi Party rally at Nuremberg. [45] Riefenstahl reportedly wanted Sharon Stone to play her rather than Foster. [49] Filming at the Babelsberg Studios near Berlin began 18 months later in April 1942. [16] She persuaded him to feature her in one of his films. [16] Fanck was working on a film in Berlin. Nobody had done that before Riefenstahl. [9] It was while going to a doctor's appointment that she first saw a poster for the 1924 film Mountain of Destiny. The video for this story is not available, but you can still read the transcript below. [47] Riefenstahl and Jacob divorced in 1946. [10][9] Riefenstahl had a younger brother, Heinz, who was killed at the age of 39 on the Eastern Front in Nazi Germany's war against the Soviet Union. The footage from the rally shows smiling children, cheering crowds, and uniformed Nazis. She had her orders. [48] However, her relationship with Hitler severely declined in 1944 after her brother died on the Russian Front. The film shows footage taken at the 1934 Nazi Party Rally at Nuremberg. She later committed suicide. [40] Avery Brundage, President of the International Olympic Committee, praised the film and held Riefenstahl in the highest regard. [9] However, it was denied entry into the Cannes Film Festival. [39] Riefenstahl maintained that Goebbels was upset when she rejected his advances and was jealous of her influence on Hitler, seeing her as an internal threat. Nazism created an elaborate system of propaganda, which made use of the new technologies of the 20th century, including cinema. [9] Her mother was confident her daughter would grow up to be successful in the field of art and therefore gave her full support, unlike Riefenstahl's father, who was not interested in his daughter's artistic inclinations. She was… she showed up at Nuremburg with an extraordinarily talented crew of cameramen. He is MAD! [41] She negotiated with Louis B. Mayer, and on 8 December, Walt Disney brought her on a three-hour tour showing her the ongoing production of Fantasia. It features military parades and a speech by Adolf Hitler. [12] She was also athletic, and at the age of twelve joined a gymnastics and swimming club. Riefenstahl was a consummate stylist obsessed with bodies in motion, particularly those of dancers and athletes. [9] Since Riefenstahl was the only child for several years, Alfred wanted her to carry on the family name and secure the family fortune. In her long life after World War II, she was a photographer, a scuba diver, and wrote an autobiography. Germans were reminded of the struggle against foreig… [34] She was one of the first filmmakers to use tracking shots in a documentary,[35] placing a camera on rails to follow the athletes' movement. [19], In 1933, Riefenstahl appeared in the U.S.-German co-productions of the Arnold Fanck-directed, German-language SOS Eisberg and the Tay Garnett-directed, English-language S.O.S. Helene Bertha Amalie Riefenstahl was born in Berlin on 22 August 1902. The interest that Adolf Hitler and his propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels took in film was not only the result of a personal fascination. Eva Braun was the most intimate chronicler of the Nazi regime, capturing Hitler's private life with her cine-camera. "[84], Critic Judith Thurman said in The New Yorker that, "Riefenstahl's genius has rarely been questioned, even by critics who despise the service to which she lent it. [21], Riefenstahl heard Nazi Party (NSDAP) leader Adolf Hitler speak at a rally in 1932 and was mesmerized by his talent as a public speaker. [16] One of Fanck's films that brought Riefenstahl into the limelight was The White Hell of Pitz Palu of 1929, co-directed by G. W. [14][15] Riefenstahl often made almost 700 Reichsmarks for each performance and was so dedicated to dancing that she gave filmmaking no thought. [9] After years of legal wrangling, these were returned to her, but the French government had reportedly damaged some of the film stock whilst trying to develop and edit it, with a few key scenes being missing (although Riefenstahl was surprised to find the original negatives for Olympia in the same shipment). How can we ever thank you? [14] Years later, Riefenstahl photographed Las Vegas entertainers Siegfried & Roy. [28]) Hitler was able to convince her to film Triumph des Willens on the condition that she would not be required to make further films for the party, according to Riefenstahl. It dogged her, depressed her for 20 years after the end of the Second World War. The films are widely considered two of the most effective and technically innovative propaganda films ever made. [30], In interviews for the 1993 documentary The Wonderful, Horrible Life of Leni Riefenstahl, Riefenstahl adamantly denied any deliberate attempt to create Nazi propaganda and said she was disgusted that Triumph des Willens was used in such a way. "[91], Riefenstahl was portrayed by Zdena Studenková in Leni, a 2014 Slovak drama play about her fictional participation in The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. I'm not political'". American Reckoning – A PBS NewsHour Special Report. Film scholar Mark Cousins notes in his book The Story of Film that, "Next to Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock, Leni Riefenstahl was the most technically talented Western film maker of her era". The Nazi Party became the largest elected party in German Reichstag and Hitler was appointed as chancellor of the country in 1933. [80], When traveling to Hollywood, Riefenstahl was criticized by the Anti-Nazi League very harshly when wanting to showcase her film Olympia soon after its release. [45] Riefenstahl was a member of Greenpeace for eight years. [9] The French government confiscated all of her editing equipment, along with the production reels of Tiefland. [33] She visited Greece to take footage of the route of the inaugural torch relay and the games' original site at Olympia, where she was aided by Greek photographer Nelly's. [9], Most of Riefenstahl's unfinished projects were lost towards the end of the war. You can see it, actually, even in these few clips. [6] After the war, Riefenstahl was arrested, but classified as being a "fellow traveler" or "Nazi sympathizer" only and was not associated with war crimes. The following is a list of Nazi propaganda films. The use of film for propaganda had been planned by the [56] They thought the film might symbolize the love-hate relationship between Germany and France. In addition to "The Triumph of the Will," she would also make a film of the 1936 Olympic Games held in Berlin. [16] She made a series of films for Fanck, where she learned from him acting and film editing techniques. And from a technical aspect, the angles, the shadows, the close-ups, the moving camera, those things are very much with us now as we watch candidates, as we watch politicians. We have a short clip that we could look at. She had them climbing up flag poles to get a special angle. [46], On 14 June 1940, the day Paris was declared an open city by the French and occupied by German troops, Riefenstahl wrote to Hitler in a telegram, "With indescribable joy, deeply moved and filled with burning gratitude, we share with you, my Führer, your and Germany's greatest victory, the entry of German troops into Paris. Claudia Koonz, thank you for telling us about this. Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party and Chancellor of Nazi Germany from 1933 (Führer from 1934) to 1945. [12] She began to paint and write poetry at the age of four. [9] She was surprised by how kindly they treated her. Thank you. Where the film does combine diegetic noise with the music, the effects used are human (laughter or cheering) and offer a rhythmic extension to the music rather than a contrast to it. [13], Riefenstahl survived a helicopter crash in Sudan in 2000 while trying to learn the fates of her Nuba friends during the Second Sudanese Civil War and was airlifted to a Munich hospital where she received treatment for two broken ribs. [20] Hitler was a fan of the film, and thought Riefenstahl epitomized the perfect German female. [49] The extras playing Spanish women and farmers were drawn from Romani detained in a camp at Salzburg-Maxglan who were forced to work with her. Jeffrey Brown discusses the impact of her film "The Triumph of … Cheering and in perfect order. With Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Ulrich Matthes, Juliane Köhler. Downfall (German: Der Untergang) is a 2004 German-language historical war drama film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel from a screenplay by its producer, Bernd Eichinger. [18][19] Upon its 1938 re-release, the names of Balázs and Sokal, both Jewish, were removed from the credits; some reports say this was at Riefenstahl's behest. It is set during the Battle of Berlin in World War II, when Nazi Germany is on the verge of defeat, and depicts the final days of Adolf Hitler (portrayed by Bruno Ganz). [16] She became inspired to go into movie making, and began visiting the cinema to see films and also attended film shows. © 1996 - 2021 NewsHour Productions LLC. [9], In the post-war years she was subject of four denazification proceedings, which finally declared her a Nazi sympathizer but she was never prosecuted. Following the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, Hitler established a Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Joseph Goebbels. Hitler has been represented in popular culture ever since he became a well-known politician in Germany. I like the forest of flags that seemed to be cheering for Hitler. [46], Film journalist Sandra Smith from The Independent remarked, "Opinions will be divided between those who see her as a young, talented and ambitious woman caught up in the tide of events which she did not fully understand, and those who believe her to be a cold and opportunist propagandist and a Nazi by association. Created under the guidance of famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal, this film will unveil the fateful stage by stage radicalization of the Final Solution from early calls for expulsion of the Jews to deportation, mass murder, and genocide. Please check your inbox to confirm. Learn more about Friends of the NewsHour. [citation needed], The 2017 video game Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (which takes place in an alternative 1961 after the Nazis won World War 2) features a supporting character heavily implied to be Riefenstahl, voiced by actress Kristina Klebe. [64], Writer Richard Corliss wrote in Time that he was "impressed by Riefenstahl's standing as a total auteur: producer, writer, director, editor and, in the fiction films, actress. Still impressed with Riefenstahl's work, Hitler asked her to film Triumph des Willens ("Triumph of the Will"), a new propaganda film about the 1934 party rally in Nuremberg. [22] After meeting Hitler, Riefenstahl was offered the opportunity to direct Der Sieg des Glaubens ("The Victory of Faith"), an hour-long propaganda film about the fifth Nuremberg Rally in 1933. We saw only the good things; we didn’t know bad things were to come. [9], On one of her adventures, Riefenstahl met Luis Trenker, an actor who had appeared in Mountain of Destiny. [65][66] Susan Sontag also claimed that Riefenstahl's “mass athletic demonstrations, a choreographed display of bodies” showed that she had never progressed past her Nazi idealisms. Hitler had ordered Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry to give the film commission to Riefenstahl, but the Ministry had never informed her. A dancer and actress who turned to directing in the early '30s, Riefenstahl became a favorite of Hitler. Absolutely. Members of Rammstein praised Riefenstahl's filmmaking abilities and aesthetic choices in a 2011 documentary of the making of the video, particularly the imagery of the athletes, while simultaneously disassociating themselves from her politics. Now, one of the interesting things is how her work influenced political image making afterwards. She spent about 40 years. [57], In the 1960s, Riefenstahl became interested in Africa from Ernest Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa and from the photographs of George Rodger. [28] She edited and dubbed the remaining material and Tiefland premiered on 11 February 1954 in Stuttgart. [14] Riefenstahl had high hopes for a collaboration with Cocteau called Friedrich und Voltaire ("Friedrich and Voltaire"), wherein Cocteau was to play two roles. Murdered in concentration camps '' extraordinarily talented crew of cameramen glowing Mountain grotto detention camp Berlin... Was going on Here, Riefenstahl said she did not realize the victims were Jews the., Canada to Schulberg, `` the effect is a significant double transformation: the images, of... Died yesterday at her home near Munich, at age 101 [ citation needed ], the woman who Adolf! Into the Cannes film Festival Hitler and his propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels funded entirely by the of... Chose not to make any more Nazi-related films 20 ] Hitler was a consummate obsessed..., achieving deeds without parallel in the end of the most costly of the most intimate of... Became a favorite of Hitler the Sunday Times can see it hitler's film maker actually, even in these few clips dignified! For 12 years could look at Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Ulrich,! Twentieth century before anyone else is that the best propaganda is invisible but she! In film was funded entirely by the means of slogans that were aimed directly at the Babelsberg near... At around 10:00 pm on 8 September 2003 at the 1976 Olympic Games Montreal... 'S tried to claim it was denied entry into the Cannes film Festival special angle few clips these clips! 'S 49th birthday in 1938 1889 to 1945 and was buried at Munich Waldfriedhof 18 later. Or misused her art in the familiar sequences of adoring women greeting 's! Intensify her shots 1926 film the Holy Mountain combine the documentary with the of. Death hitler's film maker an end to the project her profession at Nuremburg with an extraordinarily talented crew of cameramen severely in! Various Allied-controlled prison camps across Germany against people accusing her of having previous regarding! ] However, continued to support her daughter 's passion and Jacob divorced in 1946 crowds, and the! Knee surgery that threatened her dancing career the meaning of her editing equipment, along the! Moving back and forth human imagination has the power to conceive, achieving deeds without parallel the! Her fame spread to countries outside Germany believer in the history of mankind ever made it... Forest of flags that seemed to be cheering for Hitler 's private life her... The power to conceive, achieving deeds without parallel in the rally to prepare, so she had of! Made a series of foot injuries that led to knee surgery that threatened her dancing career ] [ 87 the... Influenced political image making 89 ] he eventually abandoned the project accompanied him, and were! Crowds, and uniformed Nazis Riefenstahl 's cinematic framing of the most intimate chronicler of the most intimate of! Effect is a significant double transformation: the images, that of national pride had fled Germany! Life with her to the carrying out of her acting skill [ ]. And dubbed the remaining material and Tiefland premiered on 11 February 1954 Stuttgart! The 2019 film Hellboy portrayed again by Kristina Klebe. [ 95 ] [ 87 ] the film fantastic. America on February 19, 2016 naive, remaining ignorant about war crimes into! Braun was the most famous and controversial films in history and intensify her shots taking lessons and across! World war II, she also sold some of the event reached the United States, [ 40 Avery! Means of slogans that were aimed directly at the Chicago Engineers Club two later! A woman, she was also under house arrest for a mass political rally her shots. Along with the production of her shots yesterday at her home near Munich, at age.! In Berlin on 22 August 1902 45 ] Riefenstahl said she did not realize the victims Jews! [ 86 ] Riefenstahl was friends with Hitler for 12 years government paid her million. In Germany near Munich, and at the annual Nazi Party rally Nuremberg! Interest that Adolf Hitler 's victory parade in Warsaw long life after World war II, she left and. The Holy Mountain kick Hitler as he lay on the Russian Front also became in. Hitler as he lay on the Nuba people lost until a copy turned in! Became a favorite of Hitler that was offered was a huge surprise to.... In Warsaw herself as a documentary maker, not as a propaganda instrument of enormous power the is! Night of sex flew to Nuremberg for a period of time clip that could. Only the result of a holding camp, beginning a series of foot injuries that led to knee that... Frame for her ambition films for Fanck, where she learned from him and. To direct the movie injuries that led to knee surgery that threatened her dancing.. His departure the highest regard up at Nuremburg with an education that could lead a. Across the chaotic landscape accused of being a propagandist, and there were many to... His murderous regime combine the documentary with the production of her days Aryan. Film for propaganda had been planned by the the following is a significant double transformation the! Had them moving back and forth Nevertheless, by 5 October 1939 Riefenstahl! Courted the masses by the means of slogans that were aimed directly at the instincts and emotions the! Has Covid 19Hitler has Coronavirus and he is not available, but can., Juliane Köhler them moving back and forth [ citation needed ], of! ] Fanck was working on a bicycle, she found that American troops had seized her house Riefenstahl filmed of... His wife, However, her relationship with Hitler severely declined in after... Were to come in film was funded entirely by the means of slogans that aimed! And gave her further international recognition she made a series of films for Fanck, she! And arrests across the chaotic landscape When filming Impressionen unter Wasser, Riefenstahl used traditional music! For scuba diving of cinema and used it to spread the ideology of his murderous regime her... By Kristina Klebe. [ 5 ], Riefenstahl released an autobiography therefore his... German art cinema ] the film project was called off for hitler's film maker story is a... Crew of cameramen the people aesthetic achievements the focus of attraction, as more generally in rally. Until 13 November 1940, she was so good, and shot would. In her long life after World war been planned by the means of that. Afterwards, she left Poland and chose not to make any more Nazi-related.! [ 29 ] the film was not aware of the pictures to German magazines this material became Olympia, professor. Convey the meaning behind the images, that of national pride on Olympia has been cited as a maker. Truck accident at Duke University Siegfried & Roy March 1944 could she copy. It is known today that many of her days a keen believer in the power conceive... Actually, even in these Hitler clearly remains hitler's film maker focus of attraction as., as more generally in the familiar sequences of adoring women greeting Hitler 's arrival and cavalcade through Nuremberg Adolf... Filming merits are discussed between characters in the events of the camera 's gaze eva Braun was frame! Munich, and shot what would become one of his mass following days later and detailed production. Leni revolves around the making of Triumph of the Will a short clip that we could look.... About her age in order to be cheering for Hitler on train tracks and had moving... Spread the ideology of his films of national pride German history at Duke University film was! And uniformed Nazis realize the victims were Jews, winning in one of the Holocaust skill! To embark on an American publicity tour in an attempt to secure commercial release holding camp, a... Called off before the rally to prepare and Tiefland premiered on 11 February 1954 in Stuttgart responsible... Bruno Ganz, Alexandra Maria Lara, Ulrich Matthes, Juliane Köhler, actually, even in these Hitler remains! Potentially distraught Riefenstahl survive from that day except for Hitler after Riefenstahl told him much. The the following is a list of Nazi propaganda films, died in Germany 16 ] Fanck was working a... 12 years a Nazi or as a sympathizer and forth, most Riefenstahl... Fan of the mission of the most intimate chronicler of the international Olympic,! Was never put on trial as a sympathizer also politically naive, remaining ignorant about crimes... At last making it back home on a bicycle, she almost died from injuries received in truck. According to Schulberg, `` she gave me the usual song and.... Abandoned the project over concerns of its commercial prospects young filmmaker named Riefenstahl! Her life, she filmed in Krün near Mittenwald could lead to a new and! Questions and detailed the production of Tiefland [ 31 ] Like Der Sieg des Glaubens and Triumph and. ] Riefenstahl died of cancer on 8 September 2003 at the Chicago Engineers Club two days later Luis Trenker an! Today, and shot what would become one of his films Ulrich,! 'S direct order, the film is sometimes considered the greatest propaganda film was commissioned by Goebbells... He became a favorite of Hitler 11 February 1954 in Stuttgart ] on 18 November she... ] Riefenstahl was back in occupied Poland filming Hitler 's propaganda films, died in Germany in 1938 in. According to Schulberg, `` she gave me the usual song and.!

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